2022 Digital November

Digital November 2022: Circle

Digital November is an international event of the Institut Francais, and it has been introducing high-quality XR content to the public through collaboration with the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival(BIFAN) since 2020.


DIGITAL NOVEMBER, The 3rd , is presented by Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and French Embassy. Under the theme of CIRCLE, DIGITAL NOVEMBER will conjure up and showcase  a cluster of reality and virtual reality, art and technology and human in favorable circumstance to embrace experiences that have been unable to be resolved and quietly dispersed in VR headsets
The cinema, which is screened together, leaves the theater and faces the audience in an open space. It's a 21st century simulcast, and the beginning and the end are ambiguous. AI would offer us some of artistic and unorthodox images, and the waves of music and performance will open up the conversation.
As you may have experienced in this July, “stay strange” is okay. Ideal circulation, such a natural phenomenon in a way that would develop an experience into a conversation also the conversation into a gathering and the gathering into a party and the party into an experience, will enhance our sense of art appreciation.
Now we invite you to DIGITAL NOVEMBER2022: CIRCLE’s STRANGE ORBIT and want you to have some creative experiences that come from the moment of realization inspiring us to think about a way of coexistence and the better future.
XR Curator, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN)
Jay Kim


Digital November 2022
Since 2017, the French Institute and the French cultural network abroad organize Digital November, the international digital cultures festival around the world.                    
Digital November is an invitation to addressthe place of digital cultures in our societies. It increases the awareness of the public to new uses of digital technologies, while discovering the wealthand diversity of digital creations. More than 80 countries and 130 cities on 5 continents will take part in this festival by organizing numerous events to decrypt, create, play, and thinktogether on digital technology in all its forms.
After having settled in Incheon Airport (2020) and Platform-L (2021), the French Embassy in Korea and the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) renewed their partnership for the third edition of Digital November in Korea. This year, discover the world of creative and virtual reality at SFactory, Seoul’s cultural hotspot in Seongsu, and dive into the heart of French and Korean digital cultures.
Let's gather around the theme of “the circle”, let’s make culture and immersive content a collective experience rather than an individual one. Let's co-exist, travel through new technologies, virtual reality and across cinema together for an outstanding week.
This project combines the strengths of Korea, a country of rapid adoption of innovative technologies, and France, a land of creation in virtual reality and movies. For years, France has invested massively in the creation of virtual reality content, which has given the country a leading role in this rapidly evolving field. Both countries share a long tradition of cooperation and have in common an ambitious model of support for creation as well as a strong and diversified creative industry.
BIFAN / Beyond Reality team has selected inventive and sophisticated XR contents, that will transport you to a new dimension. Step into Michel Gondry’s dreamy world, travel beyond the boundaries of time and space, immerse yourself in a poetic journey to the heart of architectural utopias, and follow an ex-biologist sent to another planet.
I would like to thank the BIFAN / Beyond Reality and SFactory for allowing us to explore these new universes together. Embark with us on a trip to the intersection of Reality and Virtuality, of Korea and France, of Arts and Technology. I wish you all a wonderful journey.
Philippe Lefort
Ambassador of France to the Republic of Korea

Why Circle?

Immersive content utilizing VR HMD has been conceived as suitible for personal experience rather than for collective mass experience such as cinema due to its specific hardware requirements. With this year's Digital November, we would like to present a "Circle" which embraces such scattered peronal experience as a metaphor and a main theme of the event.


DIGITAL NOVEMBER 2022: CIRCLE will support a new way of cinema experience with silent disco atmosphere. 3 channels for a double feature screening and music sounds will be on each set of on-site wireless silent disco headphones. Enable to transmit separate frequencies of sounds on on-site wireless silent disco headphones we offer for Screenings and Music at your seat as you want. Cinema and Music, Silent Disco will lead you to a new way of cinema experience.



S-Factory D, 3rd Floor (Venue for Saturday Events)
11/19-11/26 VR Exhibition+ A.I Photowall + Acoustic Territories Vol.0

All Programs

공존 Coexistence | 11/19(SAT) - 11/22(TUE)

11/19(SAT) - 11/22(TUE)
11/19(SAT) - 11/26(SAT)

공상 Science Fiction | 11/23(WED)~ 11/26(SAT)

11/23(WED)~ 11/26(SAT)

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A.I Photowall

Let’s make your precious moments with A.I Generated Art! It’ll be a perfect way to visualize your imagination to real life!
S-Factory D, 3rd Floor

Online guest book + lenticular photo card

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For ‘pipi NFT’ / ‘미묘 NFT’ Holders

We prepared some extra special benefits for those who has ‘pipi NFT’ / ‘미묘 NFT’.
1. Private docent + gift
There will be a Private docent for holders. Please let us know when you come (with NFT that your own)
for those who have pipi NFT, we will give you nice Arctic Badges.
2. Skateboard Event
Participate all the schedules and get BIFAN x pipi skateboards!
For : Participants of pipi NFT/미묘 NFT Holders
How to: After participating in all events, with all admission tickets(total 4 types/coexistence day, coexistence night, SF day, SF night) and register on site on Saturday, the 26th, at 8 p.m.-11 p.m.

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