Digital Novemver 2021

Digital November: Deep Dive into French XR Experience


Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) continues its cooperation with France as it did last year. BIFAN has been breaking down the boundaries among the real, virtual world, and cinema through steady introductions of works and well-weaven audience experiences.
At this year's cooperation, DIGITAL NOVEMBER, four French XR works that immersely embody the cinematic imagination are presented. This will be a great opportunity to take a look into the new type of art where technology meets the existing art genres. Platform L's beautiful space, which has continuously supported and hosted meaningful exhibitions throughout art genres, will guide the audience so that each content resonates more deeply.
Expectations to enjoy the exhibition in an offline space with 'With Corona' are rising. Autumn, full of quality contents, feels more precious than before. We invite the audience to Digital November, which will bring a quiet yet deep impression to our new daily life.
Jay Kim
XR Curator, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN)


November 19 - December 2
Off on Nov 22, Nov 29
Open / Close
11:00 / 20:00

XR contents at Digital November