The Passengers: the Kid


The Passengers is the story of strangers on a train. They share one point in common: they are all facing a pivotal moment in their lives. Their real journey is internal, and it is you who will embark on it, taking their place to help them make a crucial decision.
Discover the inner world of each of them: the Kid struggles with his guilt about his parents’ separation, a woman (Her) questions her motherhood and a man (Him) must overcome his shyness.
Enter the thoughts of one character at a time, to hear their inner voice, see their memories and live their emotions. The user can change the course of the story with their gaze, voice, or gestures. Welcome aboard!




Written by Nicolas Peufaillit
With the collaboration of Robert Hospyan & Coralie Majouga
Based on an original idea by Yako & Camille Duvelleroy
Produced by Ziad Touma - Couzin Films (Canada) & Oriane Hurard - Les Produits Frais (France)
With the collaboration of
Dpt. / Post-Moderne Novelab Mocaplab Satore Tech Rümker Daily Tous Les Jours
With the support of
Canada Media Fund CNC Digital Experiences Sodec Région Occitanie
Developed with the support of
CNC New Media CNC Nouvelles technologies de production Pictanovo Adami France Télévisions nouvelles écritures Bourse Transmedia Orange/Beaumarchais-SACD Via Rail Sundance Institute New Frontier Story Lab Banff Emergence Lab Atelier Grand Nord Réalité Virtuelle