The Dawn of Art


Humanity’s first masterpiece was created 36,000 years ago in Ardèche, France. Within Chauvet Cave lies thousands of drawings - traces of our past - enclosed forever. The Dawn of Art is a VR experience, including both an immersive film and a virtual visit of the cave that invites you to meet your prehistoric ancestors, the first humans who ventured in a deep subterranean world and left their marks preserved on the walls. Let Daisy Ridley guide you in your discovery of the Chauvet Cave, a Unesco World Heritage Site, considered one the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the XXth century.




Narrated by: Daisy Ridley, Cécile de France
Project Manager: Olivier Train
Scientific Advisor: David Huguet
3D Artists: Arthur Maugendre, Anthony Rubier, Timothée Marnat, Raphael Chevalier, Victor Chassaigne, Mélanie Schwartz
2D Artist: Audrey Lesco
Animator: Amaury Guilley
Scriptwriter: Emilie Valentin
Sound Design: Antoine Wert
Sixtine Fabre (Head of Parnetships France & Southern Europe) Damien Henry (Lab Director of Innovation) Janathan Tanent (VR & Photogrammetry Specialist - VR prototype Design)