Crow: The Legend


In a time before mankind walked the face of the Earth there exists only Spring. The world is always sunny and the animals live content and free of worry. Of all the animals, Crow is the most admired for his dazzling plumage and mellifluous voice. Then, for reasons unknown, the Spirit of the Seasons brings Winter to the forest for the very first time. As the temperature plunges, the once carefree animals realize their very lives are in danger. Who among them can soar into the heavens and make the journey to persuade “The One Who Creates Everything by Thinking” to help them in their time of need? The answer is obvious, yet the solution not so, for what must Crow sacrifice to save his friends?




John Legend as Crow
Constance Wu as Skunk
Liza Koshy as Owl
Tye Sheridan as Turtle
Sarah Eagle Heart as Luna
Diego Luna as Moth
Oprah Winfrey as The One Who Creates Everything By Thinking
Narrated by Randy Edmonds
Visual Effects Supervisor: Larry Cutler
Visual Effects Art Director: Scott Peterson
Head of Animation: Mark C. Harris
Production Designer: Cody Gramstad
Art Directors: Kal Athannassov
Lead Animators: Ken Fountain, Sean Mahoney, Artur Marcol