Speak to Awaken: Ep.1 Diving into Siraya


Speak to Awaken Ep1. Diving into Siraya is an abstract journey about the Sirayan aboriginal language in Taiwan that has been undergoing attempts at revitalization. Travel along a visualized road of language, experience the journey by listening and watching, and trigger interactions with your voice.
Language learning is encouraged through an experimental immersive experience that is more comparable to early childhood learning than annotated, classroom methods. Listening, watching and occasional interactions enable you to move forward along this visualized road.
Speaking Sirayan words and phrases allows you to weave between scenes along the Sirayan soundwave. Audio recordings of different languages float in the space, with soundwaves fluctuating according to the language of the scene the audience is witnessing.




PRESENTED BY : Poké Poké Creative, Kaohsiung Film Archive
Co-Creator: HAN Tsai-jung Carol
Co-Producers(NowHere): Felix GAEDTKE, Gayatri PARAMESWARAN
Co-Producers: Meng-Jen TUNG
Co-Producers(Cades): HAN Tsai-jung Carol
Music & Sound designer: Yi-Cheng Zoe LIN
Art Director(Fungs Design): Marco Fen