Rock, Paper, Scissors


Single mom Lena and her daughter Freya have an interesting bond. Lena has found a fair way to resolve disputes by using the rock- paper-scissors game. However, unlike Lena’s childhood, Freya quickly realizes that the rock-paper-scissors game is not always fair in their current life. This interactive virtual reality work is created using state- of-the-art hand tracking technology.



Starring Priya Davdra as Priya Natasha Lewis as Lina
Director - Alex Ruhl
Writers - Alex Ruhl & Rebecca Cooke
Producers - Ben Fredericks
Associate Producer - Rebecca Cooke
Lead artist - Rosie Summers
Lead developer - Miia Remahl
3D modeller - Saku Remahl
Immersive sound design - Luke Harris
Soundtrack by Alessi’s Ark
UX consultants - Rachel Bracker & Louise Liu
Casting director - Martin Arrowsmith
Casting assistant - Joanne Davies
For CATS are not PEAS
Executive Producer - Alex Ruhl
Production Coordinator - Charlotte Carpenter
Executive Producer - Alexzandra Jackson
Production Coordinator - Ruth Thompson
Production Coordinator - Lauren Parker