Paper Birds


Paper Birds is the story of a short sighted child with an exceptional talent for music. He must find his way through the world of darkness to bring back his sister, taken away by the shadows. He’ll use the depth of music to open portals to the invisible world. He’ll confront the shadows, and they’ll reveal their purpose.
This journey uses the senses to evoque our inner darkness, and the mystery that lies within it. The unknown that we’re often afraid to see. A story about inspiration, intuition, emotion and how these qualities are invoked by the music.




Written By German HELLER
Starring: Edward NORTON, Archie YATES, Joss STONE
Executive Producers: Yelena RACHITSKY, Colum SLEVIN, German HELLER, Federico HELLER, Jorge TERESO, Kane LEE, Eric DARNELL, Larry CUTLER, Maureen FAN
Also Produced by: Averie TIMM
Art Director: Erica VILLAR
Music by Cyrille MARCHESSEAU
Head of CG: Ignacio ROCCA
Lead Developer: Goyo HIGA
Animation Director: Andersson REY