OXYMORE by Jean-Michel Jarre


On January 21-23 Jean-Michel Jarre, VRrOOm showcased a live preview of Jean-Michel Jarre’s latest opus “Oxymore”, an immersive concert which was simultaneously played at the Hyper Weekend Festival’s first edition at Maison de la Radio in Paris in multichannel format and in Virtual Reality on the social VR platform VRChat in an effort to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds.



Music and Creative Direction: Jean-Michel Jarre
Creative Producer: Louis Cacciuttolo
Art Director / 3D Artist: Pavel Pavlyukov
VR&Film Director / Producer: Georgy Molodtsov
3D Supervision / R&D: Dmitry Vorobyov
3D Animation/Rigger: Vlad Maleev
Chief Developer: Antony Vitillo
Technical Artist: Lapo Germasi
Technical Artist: Victor Pukhov
Rigger: Lucas Butel
Production Coordinator: Maud Clavier
Broadcasting/2D Video: David Montagne/Yeh Che
Hologram: François Bouille