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Director, producer of film and VR content. Graduated from VGIK (All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography), M.A. in Film and Video (American University'15, Fulbright graduate fellow). Georgy Molodtsov specializes in both production of 360/VR content as well as organizing cinematic VR events as a part of film festivals with simultaneous showcase of 360 content. Co-creator of Russian VR Seasons and VRability initiatives. Programming director of VR_Sci Fest (Sweden), Curator of the Open Frame Award for VR within GoEast Film Festival (Germany), programmer and festival manager for various VR events in Russia and CIS.


VRability (2015), Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water (2016), Uncapitals: Pomors in 360 (2017), VReadings (2018), Under the Pillow (2020)

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