Minimum Mass


Love, loss, and black holes. Minimum Mass is the story of couple who experience a series of miscarriages and come to believe their children are being born in another dimension. Set in contemporary Rotorua, New Zealand and in the speculative world of black holes.




Effects Designer: Sunny Teich
Technical Designer: Chris Garnier, Frankie Adams Rabia, Allan Henry Sky, Carrie Theil Dr. Timu
Casting by Liz Mullane
Music by EskmoHead of Sound, Jimi Wilson
Motion Capture Manager: John Aberdein
Environment and Shader Artist: Sean Pickersgill
Motion Capture Assistant: Mac Pipson
Environment Artist: Chellew Wu
Sound Design: Benny Jennings
Animation: Yeji Min, Dino Tabucic, Marius Ancuta, David Hospital, Elisa Castagner, Alexandre Donciu-Julin