Beodeurun : Soundmap Project in Multi Space


Beodeureun was an attempt to find answers to use VR artistically to experience new music in an era when physical performances disappeared. This art collaboration project began with Eunhee Cho's 'The Soundmap project in Multi Space.
The director KIM Da-jeong and Giioii created into VR project. Director created a new poetic virtual space for the music through beautiful and lyrical Quill Animation by finding the meaning of "memory" and "emotions".
The willow is compared to the flying tail on the willow tree and the weaving on the loom in the lyrics. Director wanted to draw an experience of going back into the world of things that have passed by. Just as emotions change depending on when you listen to the same music, the feeling of the path passed in the ever-changing world is not always the same no matter when you see it again.




Project Director/Music: CHO Eun-hee
Vocal: AHN Jung-ah
Quill Drawing Assistant: LEE Kyung-eun
VFX Supervisor: JUNG Woo-yong