Super Nova


Kidong is an astronaut who is passionate about going to space, and Sunho is the chief of communications at the ASA. They fall in love. However, their time of happiness is over quickly as Sunho passes away while giving birth to their daughter Kyujin. Kidong lives without Sunho and raises Kyujin by himself. After Sunho's death, he loses all motivation to go back to space and resigns from his job. He misses Sunho, and one day he goes to a beach at night where he has a mysterious experience from another dimension. He says, "Sweetheart, I'll meet you later. I'll find you for sure..." So Kidong decides to go back to space and find her. Meanwhile, his daughter Kyujin grows up. One day she finds a strange notebook with plans to build a spaceship. Kyujin thinks it is suspect and brings it to vice president of ASA. Thus the secretive space program begins. After ten long years, the Super Nova is revealed.



감독 (Director): 백승기 BAEK Seungkee 프로듀서 (Producer): 백승기 BAEK Seungkee 조감독 (Sub Director): 손규진 SON Kyujin 각본 (Writer): 백승기 BAEK Seungkee 촬영 (Camera Director): 탁재형 Jay Tak 편집 (Editor): 백승기 BAEK Seungkee 음향: 119사운드 119Sound 음악 (Music): 김인영 [the FLAME] KIM Inyoung [the FLAME] 프로덕션디자인 (Design of production): 이지규 LEE Jikyu 출연 (Cast): 손이용 Son lee Yong 강소연 KANG Soyeon 정광우JUNG Kwangwoo권수진 KWON Sujin 배급사:(Film distributor) : 영화사 그램 gram films 번역 (Translators) : 아이판 (김인영, 심판진) I P A N (Inyoung Kim, Panjin Shim)