BAEK Seungkee


Seungkee BAEK was born and raised in Korea in 1982. He is inspired by everything in his surroundings and his movies have a unique flair. His first movie, 'Super Virgin', was revealed in 2012. He then worked on 'Super Origin', 'Super Margin', 'Super Nova' and ‘Jango: Uncharged’. He has been called a 'Son of Bucheon' since every one of his films was displayed at the BIFAN film festival.


2012 <숫호구> 장편 Super Virgin (feature)
2016 <시발, 놈: 인류의 시작> 장편 Super Origin (feature)
2019 <오늘도 평화로운> 장편 Super Margin (feature)
2020 <인천스텔라>장편 Super Nova (feature)
2022 <잔고: 분노의 적자>장편 Jango: Uncharged (feature)