The Fifth Thoracic Vertebra


A creature born in an abandoned mattress travels around the country feasting on its victims’ vertebrae, struggling to break free from the bed, the mold, and its past.


Where do all the promises, curses, scraps and unfinished businesses go when a relationship ends? In this film, these abstract lumps hardened to create a mold on the bed two lovers once occupied. This film journeys to the end of the mold-covered beds petty life and the many different lovers it meets on the way. If we keep to the journey, I hope we might be able to catch a glimpse of where all these bits and scraps, promises and curses end up and what is awaiting them there.



연출/각본                   박세영 PARK Sye-young
제작                         박세영, 박지현 PARK Sye-young, PARK Ji-hyeon
프로듀서                    정산희 JEONG San-hee
조연출                       한태희, 임지현 HAN Tae-hee, IM Ji-hyeon
촬영/조명                   박세영 PARK Sye-young
동시녹음                    윤관희, 김규빈 YOON Kwan-hee, KIM Kyu-bin
미술/의상/분장             전인, 김태리 JEON In, KIM Terri
편집/믹싱                   박세영 PARK Sye-young
음악                         한민희 HAN Min-hee
D.I/CG                       박세영 PARK Sye-young
생명체                       박지현 PARK Ji-hyeon
흥주                         문혜인 MOON Hye-in
여자                         함석영 HAM Seok-young