Jungseop - The Shining Moment in the Life


Jungseop who passed away tragically without any family or friends. However, he treasured all precious memories in his heart. As refugee, Jungseop, his wife Namdeok, two sons, Taehyun and Taesung lived together for about 11 months in Seogwipo, Jeju island. As the life of refugee, but the happiest moment in mind. However, he and his family broke up and never back again. The purpose of this movie is to make his wish of his letters come true that he longed for meeting his family again until he passed away by VR. We invite you in his warm and happy moments. When is your happiest moment in your life? Artist Jungseop’s tragic life, so his memories were more precious in his life. We hope that you also would feel his minds in here together. So, we wish that you also bring out your happiest and precious memories in your mind.


KWON Sung-hye, PARK Ye-won, SEOK Yoon-kyung, CHO Woo-jung