One day, a desolate black-and-white city in busy daily life, colorful chunks begin to appear in the eyes of the player. A player who gets up early in the morning and takes public transportation to work in a city full of tall buildings. The only scenery seen by players living repeated modern lives is a desolated black-and-white city. The story begins with a small bell ringing in the noise of the city. Appearing in black-and-white and noise spaces, the sound leads players to cracks in the black-and-white city. At the end of the crack are colorful chunks ranging from basketball size to human size. chunks are precious memories that people forget. When you put your hand in a small lump, things from memory appear, and when you go into the lump, their memories appear. Before you know it, the player gets to clean up the lumps that no one finds. Did people forget their memories? Do you think he lost it? Where will the lost memories go? I'm going to tell you about a busy modern society, tiny bits of memory we've forgotten


CHOI Hye-won, KIM Yun-jeong, JUNG Kyung-eun