Painting of ThousandHands Avalokitesvara


Painting of ThousandHands Avalokitesvara is a media art reproduction of Buddhist paintings based on the theme of Avalokitesvara(千手觀音) Bodhisattva. The artwork begins with the sound of waves in a dark background. When the background becomes brighter, there is a large lotus bud in the center of the work. The Four Heavenly guardians of Buddhism, then appear, and Avalokitesvara appears in lotus flowers. In the halo of Avalokitesvara, thousand hands unfolds, and Dragon King and Sudhana appear. Finally, clouds and Litany Buddha appear, filling all elements of the work. Since then, 42 Hands have appeared in line with Monk Hyebong's 42 words of Buddha.


PARK Min-ji, JEONG Hyo-won, JEONG Ji-yoon, KIM Da-in