2nd Step


2ND STEP is a soaring VR expedition through space – accentuated with the beautiful music of Debussy and Ravel – in which the viewer gets an intense feeling of being in the middle of undiscovered worlds while visiting some of the most thrilling settings of current and future space missions, presented in an unprecedented richness of detail! The film has been produced with expert advice of the European Space Agency, thus a huge amount of original data could be integrated as basis for the perfect photorealistic 3D reconstructions of the visited places. A highly intense and thrilling VR experience!




Speaker: Jeju CARON
Sound: Stefan LUPP
Specialist Advice: Markus LANDGRAF / ESA
3D Artist: Sebastian BARZ, Philipp CLERMONT, Nils RESNOW, Michael SCHELSINGER
VR Development, Camera: Wolf KNITTING
Technical Support: Manfred GORDES
Script: Luise WAGNER
Commissioning Editor: Kirsten BODE