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Jörg Courtial is co-founder and creative director at Faber Courtial. In this function, he directs all of the company’s VR films. He has been a creative mind ever since before he decided to study Industrial Design, he had already collected vast experience in the creative sector, organizing his own photo exhibitions, working in layout design and producing documentary films. After graduating with an award-winning diploma, he started to work in the field of 3D and founded Faber Courtial in 1998 together with wife Maria. Joerg’s experience and knowledge in VR filmmaking, his ability to use the opportunities within VR space in a virtuoso manner, combined with his visual style and passion to create emotional, cineastic VR experiences are one of the creative forces that continuously pushes the company’s growing success as premium provider of outstanding VR content.


Volcanos (2015), Gladiators in the Colosseum (2016), Time Travel Cologne Cathedral (2017), 2nd Step (2018), Follow Me – Season 1: Ancient Rome (2019), 1st Step (2019)

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