Jörg Courtial is Creative Director and Co-Founder of Faber Courtial. Rooted in photography, Joerg quickly developed a unique visual style and was renowned for outstanding VFX & Animations in distinguished documentaries and exhibitions since 1998. Passionate about new visual grounds Joerg pioneered VR and has been creating award-winning films, that set high standards in storytelling and creative techniques. Joerg’s films are spiked with an incredible richness of detail, with each frame being artistically staged to perfection. His signature style creates cineastic VR experiences of unparalleled intensity and pure emotions.


Volcanos - ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Faber Courtial (2015) Gladiators in the Colosseum - ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Faber Courtial (2016) Time Travel Cologne Cathedral - WDR, Faber Courtial (2017) 2nd Step - ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Faber Courtial (2018) Follow Me – Rome (Episodes 1 - 3) - Faber Courtial, Deutsche Telekom (2019) 1st Step - Faber Courtial, Deutsche Telekom, (2019) Audience at the Castle - Badisches Landesmuseum, Faber Courtial (2019) The Prince Elector’s State Bedroom - SSG BW, Faber Courtial (2020) GENESIS - Faber Courtial, Deutsche Telekom (2021)

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