Vast Body


VAST BODY is a collaborative experiment on movement. In front of a camera, different people were invited to imagine and embody a wide spectrum of postures that the system can perceive and understand. In the installation, a myriad of alter egos continuously try to replicate the movements of the person facing it. Interpreting your behavior, the software distills this continually changing input into a projection of a body that moves fluidly with yours, yet fluctuates continuously between different bodies and identities. The experience is a playful, visually arresting act of imagination. Through some kind of magic mirror, it connects the physical body with a digital incarnation, offering the chance to briefly inhabit another through movement. The work draws on timely questions of identity, empathy and our relationship with other-than-human intelligences.



Main Choreographies: Caroline ROBERT, Louise LECAVALIER, Kathy KASEY
Creative Coding, Machine Learning: Édouard LANCTÔT-BENOIT
Camera, Grading: Thierry SIROIS
Production Manager: David FRANCKE-ROBITAILEE (Club Vidéo)