Webby's Wonder World


Webby’s Wonder World is an artistic journey into the eccentric world of the Web: an immersive and fun video game-like experience for newbies and young generations, showing the positive aspects of the web but also its dark sides. It is a conversation about the impact of our digital activities on our offline lives that will hopefully trigger a greater public awareness around ethical issues on the internet and the future metaverse. Webby is a virtual guardian angel that takes a viewer to a guided tour of his world. Webby's world is made up of 6 lands inspired by the most popular uses of the web: Social Networks, Shopping, Information, Gaming, Digital Self, Ecology and the Dark web. He makes the spectator discover them one by one. And at the end of the journey Webby explains to the viewer that his world (actual web or the metaverse) depends on every user, and therefore everyone must do his own choices, so that it becomes a better place for oneself and for others.



Production: Gate22 (with the participation of Spamm)
Idea of:Nataliya Velykanova & Michaël Borras aka Systaime
Art Direction: Nataliya Velykanova
Team lead, FX & Sound: Sadri Bechraoui
Lead Programmer: Alexandre Bonnegarde Delisle
Characters & Animation: Lucie Capdeville
3D Models & Animation: Pauline Barbet
3D Models & Texturing: Romain Poussier
Webby's words: Nataliya Velykanova & Olivier Ver