The Werewolf Experience


California, 1890, night. You wake up in a dirty alley of a small town surrounded by empty bottles and trash. Lying on your back you stare up at the dim sky. An ominous raven starts to scream and flies into the sky. The clouds split and the full moon is revealed. You just can’t stop it, you HOWL so that your horrific transformation begins. Your claws grow, your fur appears, you become bigger, stronger, faster and very, very hungry. the Werewolf Experience is an interactive cinematic VR short where you, the werewolf, hunt the sacred white stag rumored to cure you while also being hunted by a bloodthirsty mob. Can you bring your reign of terror to an end? Or will they end you first?



Director Christopher Morrison
Writers Christopher Morrison Ioana Matei Jef Dehouse
Art Director Maarten Hermans
Producers : Jan Hameeuw, Maïté Spaenjers
Project Supervisor : Jef Dehouse
Production Management
Benedicte Kjobstad
Celine Duvivier
Jan Daghelinckx
Concept Artists : Maarten Hermans, Tom Lecluyse
Development Lead : David De Beule
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