ARCHI VR: La villa Savoye


April 1930, Émilie Savoye, driving her own car, leaves the capital to go to her newly built country house. As she approaches Poissy, she recalls the two years that have passed since her meeting with architect Charles Édouard Jeanneret, who was so sure of himself. Interspersed with memories of Madame Savoye, the correspondence she exchanged with her architect and the writings of one of the greatest architectural theorists of the 20th century, this virtual reality experience takes us back into the history of the creation of Villa Savoye, one of the most famous buildings by the architect who would later be known as Le Corbusier.



A VR Collection directed by Gordon
Original Soundtrack: Jérôme Baur
Prototype development: Novelab
Lead developer : Julien Daniel-Moliner
Sound design : Blanktone
Executive producer : Chloé Jarry
Coproduction: Lucid Realities, Centre des monuments nationaux, Fondation Le Corbusier
With the support of CNC – Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée
Distribution: Unframed Collection