Red Tail


The mysterious red tail is a metaphor for people’s childhood memories. It is something that is both familiar and strange, and it can lead us on a journey to places we never thought possible. The boy’s journey is a reminder that our childhood memories are still with us, even if we don’t always remember them. They can help us to understand who we are and where we come from, and they can also lead us to new and exciting places.



Executive Producer
楊孟穎 Meng-Yin YANG
高雄市電影館 Kaohsiung Film Archive
於蓓華 Pei-Hua YU
公共電視 PTS Taiwan
鄭卜元 Pu-Yuan CHENG
Funique VR
Co-Executive Producer
李淑屏 Shuping LEE
公共電視 PTS Taiwan
Original Story & Director
王登鈺 Fish WANG
零壹影像 Zero One Film
陳怡菁 Yi-Ching CHEN
零壹影像 Zero One Film
VR Supervisor
全明遠 CHUAN Ming-Yuan
Funique VR
Project Manager
覃子珈 Tzu-Chia TAN
Funique VR
Project Executive
邱翎 Linn CHIOU
Funique VR
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