Poet's Room


This is the story of a poet who loved literature and enjoyed poetry. Yoon Dong-Ju, he was a tragic poet who died young before the end of Korea’s darkest hour and could not see the moment he had longed for in his short life. This interactive film was made to understand the era through Yoon Dong-Ju’s poetry containing his life story. Although his death was tragic, we honoured his noble sacrifice by making use of the setting of his dream to fulfill Yoon Dong-Ju’s longest wish.



감독 Bryan Ku (구범석)
주연배우Lee Sang Yun (이상윤)
기획참여 Yang Jungung (양정웅)
음악 Chang Yong Jin (장용진)
제작사 정보Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (한국문화재재단)