Montegelato is a montage film in VR, the first of its kind. Hundreds of cinematic sequences define a three- dimensional collage of the Monte Gelato waterfalls (Rome, Italy) as they have been filmed in more than 180 productions including films, TV series and commercials. From peplum to western, from comedy to thriller, from science-fiction to erotica: sounds and videos expand in an immersive landscape that transports the Falls in time and space.



Director: Davide Rapp
Editor: Davide Rapp
Assistant Editors: Andrea Dal Martello, Giorgio De Marco
Research: Davide Rapp, Giorgio De Marco, Simone Setzi
Motion Tracking: Andrea Dal Martello, Giorgio De Marco, Simone Setzi
2D Compositing & Audio Mixing: Andrea Dal Martello
3D Compositing & Audio Spatialization: Giorgio De Marco
Producer: Davide Rapp(-orama.)