Madame Pirate: Becoming a Legend


The untold story of Cheng I Sao, the greatest pirate of all times. In a lawless world, overrun by roving ships and ruthless men, a girl propels herself from a life of forced prostitution, to command the largest and most successful pirate fleet in world history. A grandma narrates an extraordinary bedtime story to her granddaughter. It turns out, there is more to this tale than helping put her child to sleep. This story is Cheng I Sao’s incredible real-life story.



Writer & Director : Morgan OMMER, Dan-Chi HUANG
English Narration Writer : Barbara TRAN
Mandarin Narration Writer : Shang Chiao LI
Producer : Estela VALDIVIESO CHEN, Adam Cullen YOUNG
Co-Producer : Jinyao LIN, Hazel WU
Narrator : Pei-Xia LAI
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