Ihyangjeong: Carving with Memories


We grope through the stories of Ihyangjeong, a 300-year-old old house that descended from our ancestor's generation. People who are sick of modern people's homes, whose memories are fading away in a rapidly changing world, begin to mirror Ihyangjeong's memories to establish the functions of their own homes and make their own. Ihyangjeong was the home of director and it has been a historic space designated as the national folklore cultural heritage. The director, who has become an adult over the years, is building a new house.



This program was sponsored by Korea Creative Content Agency fund of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Republic of Korea)
Director : Sunghwan Lee
Original Screenplay : Sunghwan Lee
Voice Actor : Justin oh, Jichan
Executive Producer : Jungwoo Yang
Producer : Rene Hyewon Lee, Mina Hyeon
Co-Producer : Laon Kim
Art Director/Quill Drawing : Sunghwan Lee
Production Manager : Jikyung Na
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