Goliath: Playing with Reality


Goliath: Playing with Reality follows the true story of a man with a troubled upbringing who loses his parents and is diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is taken into a psychiatric hospital where he spends several years on strong medication, mostly in isolation. On his release, he finds connection through playing online multiplayer computer games. Combining candid conversations, mesmerising animations and tactile interactions, enter Goliath’s world where you slip between real and unreal worlds. The project explores what it means to feel at odds with the world and through shared realities, finding one’s place within it.



Thanks to Goliath for sharing his story
Narration : Tilda Swinton
Director & Writer : Barry Gene Murphy 
Co-Director, Writer & Executive Producer : May Abdalla 
Interactive Design & Development Lead : Michael Golembewski
Lead Producer : Anetta Jones
Technical Director : Alexandra Adderley
Writer & Script Consultant : Oliver Bancroft
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