From the Main Square


A new town appears, with a square at its center. The square isa crossroads of stories, buildings, hope and conflict. A sense of community and culture takes hold, and people show empathy and compassion for those who are similar to them, but hostility towards those who are different.



Director: Pedro Harres Producer: Lorena Junghans Production Company: Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf Art Directors: Daniel Eizirik, Paulo Lange Script: Angelina Urbanczyk, Pedro Harres, Rafael Loss Mix & Sound Design: Oscar Galimberti Music: Marcus Sander, Justin Robinson Character Animation: Samuel Patthey, Sophia Schönborn Stop Motion Animation: André Correia Programming: Douglas Rachevsky, Marius Morhard, Pedro Harres Voices: Amishai Mueller, Bruno De Marco, Fabian Rau,Guy Shahaf, Sofia Sarmento Technical Art Support: Sebastian Wilhelm