Find WiiLii Ep1: The Gate Crasher


There is a world where a teleportation device has changed the future and lives of humanity with its first appearance, it has been commercialized. However, this device has a flaw: the traveler’s memory is lost with a5% chance. These lost memories are called “WiiLii,” which cause the machine to malfunction, so the service developer IIOIIG secretly operates a team “Find WiiLii” to eliminate WiiLii. In the Find WiiLii experience,you discover hidden facts while working as a newcomer to this secretive ‘Find WiiLii’ team.



Starring: Lee San, Son SangHyuk, Lim SooHyun
Written & Directed by Mina Hyeon, Sooyoung Choe
Technical Director: Jungmin Hong
English Version Directed by Whitton Frank
English Adaptation by Whitton Frank, Deirdre V. Lyons
Executive Producer: Jay Kim, Rene Hyewon Lee, Sugon Kim
Producer: Sohee Kim, Kwanghyun Lee, Deirdre V. Lyons, Stephen Butchko, Whitton Frank, Braden Roy
Background Design, Visual Production: Kim Eunseo
Character&WiiLii Modeling / Animation: Kim Hyeonseo, Mina Hyeon
Special Effects, World Animations: Christopher Lane Davis
QA: Ji-kyung Na
Background Design Assistants: Park Joobin, Kim Dayoung
Music Producer: Kim TaeYoon
Composer: Kim TaeYoon, Hwang HyeonSeok
Sound Design: Kim TaeYoon, Mina Hyeon, Sohee Kim
Voice Over Recording: Park NamJun(GLAB Studio)
Videographer: Choi Sang Min(Cover the Noise)
Marketing & PR: Ji-kyung Na, Sohee Kim, MyoungEun Lee, Whitton Frank, Deirdre V. Lyons, Braden Roy
Technical Advice: Sun Teh Jen, Brian Tull
English Translation: Signature W, Da Ye Kim