Eggscape is a MR game where you play as a terrified little egg trying to survive in a world full of enemies. You can see into the real world through the VR headset and interact with your surroundings and other players. Use your environment to your advantage to avoid danger and build levels and unique adventures that can be played alone or shared with friends.



Director: German Heller
Executive Producers: German Heller, Federico Heller, Jorge Tereso
Associate producers: Marco Lococo, Santiago Tereso, Federico Carlini
Creative Director: Jorge Tereso
Art Director: Federico Carlini, Erica Villar
Animation: Fernando Maldonado, Anderson Rey
CG & 3D: Ignacio Rocca
Modeling and Shading: Lautaro Schpitzza
Concept Art: Matias Almada, Flavio Grecopaglia
Visual Effects: Andres Chouhy
Lead developers: Pablo Altamiranda, Valentin Frare
Developers: Agustin Martinez, Facundo Martinez, Ian Kuzniki, Brandon Urigo
Character Design: Erica Villar, Oscar Ramos
Illustration & Colour: Flavio Grecopaglia
Music: Cyrille Marchesseau
Sound: I Latina Studio
Production Coordination: Bianca Cirone, Milena Iglesias, Lucila Trobiani
Executive Production Assistant: Rocío Agrasar
Partnerships and events coordination: Josefina Biscailuz