How is the world perceived by someone with depression? The animated immersive film uses virtual reality to address depression and the ways to cope with it. Director and protagonist Ondřej guides us through diverse landscapes associating the story of his struggle with depression since puberty. He finds out that his tool to get the illness under control is his voice. He uses humming, singing and even shouting as a calming and relieving technique.



Screenplay: Alice Krajčírová, Ondřej Moravec
Music: Billy Mello
Sound: Tomáš Oramus
Art directors: Bára Anna Stejskalová, Moritz Mayerhofer, Long Phi Trieu
Lead developer: Ondřej Pultera
Developers: Jozef Barančik, Felix Lange, Kryštof Šuk
Designers: Petr Slavík, Šimon Leška, Zdeněk Blaha
Artists: Sergey Arzhanik, Alena Bendová, Petr Kollarčík
Project managers: Violeta Ivanova, Julie Šislerová