A small cube made from a single tree can become a unit that activates our actions and awakens dormant power and imagination. As audiences interact with the cube on the table, they experiencethe artwork “The Composition” that simultaneously becomes a world, a sculpture, a musical instrument, and an invitation to dance with their hands.


Directed by Vincent Morisset
Visuals by Caroline Robert
Code by Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit
Music by Vlooper.
Composition is a project developed during an artist residency with the
PHI Studio. Phi team: Pheobe Greenberg, Isabelle Brodeur, Michaël
Lefebvre, Julie Tessier, Sarah St-Laurent Migos, Marc-André Nadeau, Julie
Tremblay, Myriam Achard, Vincent Lafrenière, Joël Guérin-Simard, Jeremy Felker.
Produced by the studio Aatoaa.