‘Thread man’, the protagonist, lacks self-confidence, has shrunk to a thread-like existence. One rainy day, the thread man is walking down an alley when an empty can falls in front of him. He tries to create the sound himself by wearing the can on his foot and starts to dance. Soon a crowd of people gather around the thread man, and the sound of applause grows ever louder, though with the increased volume comes increased pressure. Why did the thread man become scared of the sound of clapping? When your heartfelt applause reaches the thread man, which signals the beginning of a beautiful sound.



[Director] Keisuke Itoh
[Executive Producer] Hiroko Fujioka
[Producer] Katsutoshi Machiba
[Assistant Producer] Tetsuya Ohashi
[Story telling advisor] Raita Nakashima
[Choreography] YAMATO
[Technical Support] Yutaka HAL HASHIMOTO
[Music] Yui Morishita
[Technical sound designer] Masato Ushijima
[Immersive sound designer] Misaki Hasuo
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