Champollion, the Egyptian


With this virtual reality experience, you will slip into Champollion’s skin to relive this unique intimate experience and this historical milestone. Lit by torchlight, guided by Champollion’s voice, the visitor-explorer enters the temple, recreated from David Roberts’ watercolors.



Directors: Agnes Molia & Gordon
Original soundtrack: Come Jalibert
Historical advisor: Hélène bouillon, Vincent Rondot
Lead developer: Julien Daniel-Moliner
Tech artist: Louis Cortes
Color artist 2D: Frédéric Boniaud
Senior 3D artist: Alexandre Sauderais
3D modeling: Paula Charlotte, Aubin Alonso, Guillaume Tarrade
Animation: Christophe Devaux
Line producer: Lucid Realities
Executive producers: Tournez s’il vous plait, Lucid Realities, Louvre-Lens, Musée du louvre
With the support of CNC, Procirep, Angoa