All That Remains


We take comfort in facts, and we rely on the familiarity of what we know to be true. “The sun rises in the east. I exist. There are 24 hours in a day.” These truths simplify our lives and make it possible tolive. We are not afraid to jump into the air, because we know we will land on the ground. “All That Remains” is a meditation on the thin line between dreams and reality, fear and desire. It is an invitation to see and to show.



Director/Scenic Design/Script  Craig Quintero
Producer  Su-Ling Yeh
Cast  Yu-Hsin Yu, Ollie Huang, Carl Johnson, Chih-Hen Hsu,Hsu-Fang Tung, Jia-Ling Hsu
VR Supervisor Ming-Yuan Chuan
Music/ VocalYu-Jun Wang
Sound DesignSupervisorChin-Lun Kao
Scenic Artist Carl Johnson, Chang-ChihChen, Yi-Ting Huang
VR CinematophotograhyWillian Chou
VR Editor Ping-Ying Yen
Gaffer   Wen-Tse Chen
Costume Design Ya-Chi Chen, Ra Thomson
Marketing and Publicity Lead  EllenKuo
Supported by Taiwan Creative Content Agency
Sponsoredby Hong Foundation
Produced/ Presentedby Riverbed Theatre, Riverbed Theatre Company
Sales Agent  Diversion Cinema