Caroline ROBERT


Caroline Robert is a multidisciplinary artist whose work combines hand-made and new technologies. Known for her unique, sensitive and timeless style, she creates worlds that capture the imagination. Long fascinated by science, and finding beauty in everyday life, Robert wears many hats on a variety of projects: animation, editing, photography, set design, graphic design, interactivity and more. Notable projects she’s worked on include Motto, Way to Go, Bla Bla, Vast Body, Composition and Habitat. She has done visuals for the Arcade Fire albums Reflektor and The Suburbs. As a collaborator on all projects coming out of Studio AATOAA, she has seen her work presented at venues including Sundance, IDFA, the Gaîté lyrique, the Museum of the Moving Image and the Japan Media Arts Festival. She has also been named in Creative Review ‘s “The Ones to Watch”, and won a Grammy for her visual work with Arcade Fire. Brainstream is the first interactive film she has written and directed.

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