Dreaming Maestro


DREAMING MAESTRO is a daring new media art experience which allows you to become a composer of both music and your own reality. This project combines cutting-edge virtual reality technology and innovative space design to immerse you in an interactive audio visual narrative of a world-famous conductor with writer’s block. A carefully engineered software platform utilizing motion tracking technologies allows your hands to guide the music and influence the mood. The fully interactive sonic environment will also be equipped with corresponding visual elements in the VR environment. Among them, we proposed a new VR experience mode —— based on a high resolution 360 degree video shooting technique and a 3D model with a mesh morphing algorithm, which can respond to the user’s command gestures in an intuitive and timely manner.




Design Director, Visual Designer: LEE Jeeyoon
Executive Producer, Creative Director: Winslow PORTER
Music Director, Composer, KANG Kinyong
Audio Visual Programmer, Sound Director: KIM Jinju
Composer, Pianist: KIM Jeehyun
Technical Director, 3D Animator: Tim SHIN
3D Artist, 3D Animator: Alex MAPELLI
Creative Technologist: Elie ZANANIRI