Peach Garden


Inspired by the famous “Dream of Journey to Peach Blossom Land” by Korean painter An Gyeon (1350–1447), PEACH GARDEN offers a free wandering in a beautiful and surreal garden where the laws of nature are completely disrupted. PEACH GARDEN is a sensory journey, with no real beginning, middle or end, where the spectator is dazzled at every turn and is able to create his own dialogue with an amazing environment. In a world where we are constantly running after time, after a goal, it’s an invitation to wander, and to enjoy “simply being present”.




Level Designer: Fabrice GASTON
Developer: Julien Le CORRE, Justine DELOMÉNIE
3D Artists: Guillaume BERTINET, Maxime GRANGE
Composer and Sound Designer: Norman BAMBI
International Distribution Company: Diversion Cinema