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There are no results for Belga Productions specializes in assisting European film co-productions that complete part or all of their production process in Belgium (principal photography, post-production, special effects). For instance, in 2015 and 2016, Belga Productions provided co-production and production services to several large-scale international film projects, such as Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘Kursk’, EuropaCorp’s ‘Renegades’ or Roman Polanski’s ‘Based on a true story’. Belga Productions also assisted several local productions in their production and financing efforts, including applying and obtaining local regional funds. Thanks to its ties with Belga Films Fund and the Belga Films group, the largest independent film distributor in the Benelux, Belga Productions offers an un-paralleled one-stop shopping solution for European producers considering Belgium as a production location: financing via its in-house Tax Shelter fund, Benelux distribution (including TV output deal), production services, application to regional funds, etc.