Ticket Events

How to participate in Ticket Events of Beyond Reality
1. Participate in the Beyond Reality exhibition for more than 4 days to receive stickers.
2. Experience all 9 different  booths to receive all the stickers, and submit to the information desk.
3. For 30 people, those of who cleared the mission, will receive an exclusive Beyond Reality goods (NOT FOR SALE.)
+ Win a chance to get a Special collabo goods. (Exclusive for 'BIFAN x SAGONG_EE_HO special NFT’ Holders)

Instagram Hashtag Event #beyondreality2022

1. Proto event
Take a photo or a video at the Proto event zone with the characters of "SAGONG_EE_HO''!
And upload it on your Instagram with #beyondreality2022
Get a chance to win “BIFAN x SAGONG_ EE_HO Special goods” (Limited edition, Not for sale).
2. Photo wall event
Take a photo or a video at the Photo Wall and post it on Instagram with #beyondreality2022!
Get a chance to win "Limited Edition Beyond Reality goods (Not for sale)".
Details are available at the festival website.


장소 Location: 한국만화박물관 제1기획전시실 BIFAN XR Talk 라운지
13일에 진행되는 SF 포럼은 고려호텔 4층 크리스탈룸에서 진행됩니다.
일정 Schedule
7/9 비욘드 리얼리티 토크 리스트 7/9 Beyond Reality Talk List
7/10 비욘드 리얼리티 토크 리스트 7/10 Beyond Reality Talk List
7/12 비욘드 리얼리티 토크 리스트 7/12 Beyond Reality Talk List
7/13 비욘드 리얼리티 토크 리스트 7/13 Beyond Reality Talk List