Gondwana is a constantly-evolving, multiplayer virtual ecosystem that explores the possible futures of the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree. Weather, seasons, and biodiversity dynamically shift and change as you freely explore a vast map of ancient trees and rare animals. But a broader narrative stirs below: over the day’s exhibition, the rainforest declines in line with climate data projections from 1990 to 2090. The only salve to this seemingly inevitable decline is people: the more time an audience spends in Gondwana, the more resilient the forest becomes. Each day of exhibition the forest is reborn anew, bringing to life a new climate future for this rainforest. Gondwana is a meditation on time, change and climate action in the world’s oldest rainforest.



Director : Ben Joseph Andrews
Producer : Emma Roberts
Lead Developer : Lachlan Sleight
Lead Artist : Michelle Brown
Generative Sound Design : The Convoy (Matt Faisandier & Erin K Taylor)
Impact Producer : Holly Gurling
Wet Tropics Field Recordings : Andrew Skeoch
Kuku Yalanji Consultants
Binna Swindley
Uncle Mick “Spooks” Kulka
Uncle Ray Pierce