Flow invites you to float with the wind on what seems at first glance, to be a day like any other, with its turbulence: a night in the life of a woman, painted by the ebb and flow of air currents.
Smells, heat, breathing, natural and artificial gusts of wind, the air currents, affected by invisible presences, make the imperceptible perceptible. They reveal to us a series of events in which the woman - that we are invited to follow during her wanderings - takes part. They immerse us in a world entirely made of air.
But when the storm calms down, and the woman wakes up from what turns out to have been a dream, the world is no longer the same.
in French




A VR experience written and directed by: Adriaan Lokman
Produced by: Valk Productions
Producer: Richard Valk
In co-production with: Lucid Realities
Executive producer: Chloé Jarry
Head of production: Alexandrine Stehelin
Distributor: Unframed Collection
With the support of: The Netherlands Film Fund, the Creative Industries Fund, PROCIREP-Société des Producteurs, ANGOA, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
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