Dream Builders: The Cenotaph for Newton


A garden surrounded by mist...A gigantic, monumental dome slowly appears before our eyes.The sphere that emerges before us is called the Cenotaph for Isaac Newton and was never built. History is full of monuments that were never built. Because of their technical audacity, because of their madness, because the course of history swept them away, these buildings remained as drawings on paper. They are called 'paper architectures'. Dream Builders is a VR documentary and a poetic journey into the heart of these architectural utopias. Thanks to VR the viewer will discover the inside and outside of this monument on a real life scale allowing him to reach the core of the utopia living in this dream building. This VR movie is dedicated to Newton’s Cenotaph, drawn by the French artist Étienne-Louis Boullée in 1784. Designed on the eve of the French Revolution, this spectacular and gigantic funerary monument dedicated to the famous English scientist Isaac Newton is both an allegory of the Earth and the Cosmos, but above all a powerful and masterful tribute to science and to the philosophy of the Enlightenment.



Directed by Arnaud Desjardins
Written by Emilie Valentin, Arnaud Desjardins
Narrated by Doug Rand
Music Aurélien Ferry
3D Modeling Sarah Albini, Arnaud Desjardins
Unreal development Michel Peneau, Arnaud Desjardins
Produced by Femme Fatale Studio
Production management Thibault Jorge
Distributed by Diversion cinema
Withthe support of Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, Ville de Paris
Femme Fatale Studio 2021