de Vermis Seoulis


Kim’s de Vermis Seoulis is a work that adopts the still movie (photo film) format as a dramatic technique. It is Korea's first still short film made by shooting 4585 photographs and is based on a short story by French writer Stephane Mot. The main theme of the film is the reincarnation of life, such as the infinite cycle of the Mobius belt, beyond a linear beginning and end. Rachmaninoff's “Symphony on the Island of Death, Op. 29”, serves as the film's musical backdrop, exploring mental suffering and the power of artistic healing through inspiration from Arnold Böcklin's “The Island of Death.”
The film also utilizes an editing technique that combines analog photography and AI technology to present a unique visual idiosyncrasy. By lyrically capturing the urban life and historical changes of contemporary Seoul, de Vermeeris Seoulis sensually expresses various aspects of the metropolis of Seoul, and artistically explores various human experiences and stories such as nostalgia, revival, alienation, downfall, love, regret, and creation.
in French




Produced by Pulse9

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