Augmented Shadow: Chasing Stars in Shadow


‘Augmented Shadow’, devised by a media artist Joon Yong Moon, refers to a device and experience that implements a kind of augmented reality using shadows. This device enhances reality by superimposing virtual shadows on the actual shadows of objects according to the angle of the lighting device that the audience controls. The artist has tried the unique visual language and interaction rules of ‘Augmented Shadow’ through a series of work. Augmented Shadow: Chasing Stars in Shadow is a story about shadow kids who come and go between 2D and 3D. In conjunction with the story, Augmented Shadow technique creates an optical illusion, making the flat shadows appear three-dimensional to the viewer. This original illusion is used in a unique way of storytelling.



Art & Engineering by Joon Yong Moon
3D art by Lee Woo Suk
animation by Lee Dong Yup
animation & engineering by Min Young Ki
music by Tony Lim