YI Mee-sol


YI Mee-sol, a director/producer at EBS (Korea National Educational Broadcasting System), is a documentarian looking for interesting stories in the area of science. She majored in physics and obtained her master’s degree specialized in media. She directed various episodes of Docuprime series, such as "Examination", "Humanity 4.0", and "Neuro Sapiens". Docuprime "Examination" series received Agenda Award at Samsung Journalism Awards, Beaksang Arts Award for Best Educational Show, etc. Docuprime "Humanity 4.0" received Best Work Award at Japan Prize, Silver REMI Award at the Annual International Independent Film Festival, etc. Docuprime "Neuro Sapiens" filmed in 2020 also received the Best Work Award at the Korea Broadcasting Awards. She is planning to continue creating interesting science documentaries in both traditional media and new media such as VR, AR, and AI.