Victoria BOUSIS


n her 20’s, Victoria started as a career prosecutor for the Attorney General of Illinois to bring justice to the disenfranchised. Later, as a producer for over a decade, she transcended social, political, and geographical barriers to bring powerful messages about the human experience to global audiences with notable films showcased at Venice, TIFF, and Sundance.
Victoria followed technological advances and embraced VR and narrative gaming to speak to future generations. In 2018, Victoria earned a Master’s in Media, Technology, and Innovation from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), converging cinema, gaming and neuroscience to deliver powerful character-driven stories to be experienced by audiences with agency. Stay Alive My Son is her directorial debut, officially selected in Cannes’ development showcase in 2020 and now in Venice.
In 2022, honored as a pioneering woman in Virtual Production by the Hollywood Production Association, Victoria founded UME, a creative and technology based game company to pioneer the future of storytelling across all mediums and platforms for film, series, and VR/AR experiences made in the Unreal Game Engine.
Globally, Victoria has received notable awards wins and nominations for her pioneering vision, including WINNING: Best Director and Best Revolutionary Director; Nominations for Best Director, Best Debut Director and recently the WINNER for the Producer's Guild of America Innovation Award in 2023.
Victoria was a featured speaker at TEDxMIT in 2023, following the success and impact of Stay Alive My Son and its mission to impact social change.


Stay Alive My Son (2022) producer / Video Game
Pimp (2018) producer
The Outcasts (2017) executive producer
Jewel Thief (2015) executive producerproducer
What Maisie Knew (2012) associate producer
Alpeis (2011) co-producer
La commedia di Amos Poe (2010) executive producer
The Adventures of Andy Applebutter (2006) producer